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Welcome to rgbdrive.com
Here we show details on some of our legacy product for reference.

We have designed and manufactured many LED driver solutions.
Variations include constant CURRENT or VOLTAGE drivers controlled by DMX, Dali or 0-10V.

Product format


Three main types of control are used as shown below

Protocol Details
DALI IEC 62386-102 / 207 (device type 6)
0-10V DC External DC voltage control or Ext POT to 0V


Most devices are provided with an enclosure, others require installation in customer product.
We mostly use the following boxes.

Box Details DxWxH


55x40x25mm IP20


65x45x30mm IP20


85x64x30mm IP20


85x105x30mm IP20


85x85x37mm IP20

Legacy LED Drivers by type CV / CC or specials

Item Constant Voltage Drive
SV-DMX Single channel 48V/6A Max (flipBox)
CV4-DMX Quad channel 48V/16A max (alumBox1)
MV4-DMX Quad channel 28V/16A Max (alumBox1)
QV3-DMX Quad channel 36V/16A Max (customBox)
QV6-DMX Quad channel 48V/16A Max (quickBox)
SV-DALI-2ch Dual channel 24V/12A Max (flipBox)
CV4-DALI Quad channel 48X/16A Max (alumBox1)
SV0-10 Single channel 48V/6A Max (flipBox)
SV0-10-TW Tuneable Dual channel 25V/12A Max (flipBox)
Item Constant Current Drive
SC-DMX Single channel 48V/350 or 700mA (flipBox)
CC4-DMX Quad channel 48V/350 or 700mA (alumBox1)
QC6-350-DMX Quad channel 48V/350mA (quickBox)
MC1-DMX Single channel 48V/350|700mA selectable (alumBox1)
MC4-700-DMX Quad channel 48V/350|700mA selectable (alumBox3)
MC4-700/D1-DMX Quad channel 48V/350|700mA selectable (alumBox2)
CC8-350-DMX 8 channel 350mA 1LED per channel (pcbStrip)
QC-Card-DMX-350 5 x Quad channels on Motherboard 48V/350mA (customBox)
CC4-350-DALI 1 to 4 channel 48V/700mA (alumBox1)
CC4-700-DALI 1 to 4 channel 48V/700mA (alumBox1)
SC0-10-350 Single channel 48V/350mA (flipBox)
SC0-10-700 Single channel 48V/700mA (flipBox)
Item Special and Bespoke
CC1-700-4s 700mA LED Driver with Battery Charger onboard.
LV700-disc-29mm Single channel static 700mA @ 24V Max